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RSL Membership Perks Announcement Template

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If you run a business that offers membership spots and perks to RSL members, then this RSL Membership Perks Announcement Template may be exactly what you need in order to let potential, eligible members know about it!

The background photo of this landscape-oriented photo features a group of people gathering while holding alcohol in their hands. Overlaid this background photo in the middle is a white text box that features a heading that writes, "RSL membership perks" in bold writing. Underneath this outlines some of the perks, including things like 15% off food, community classes and exclusive events & competitions.

Make this template part of the marketing collateral you use in order to try and boost RSL memberships. You can consider printing this out and handing it around to your network offline. Alternatively, you can send this out as an email to your mailing list to immediately reach a wider audience.
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