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Cash Back Deal Template

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This cash back deal template has a black & white photo in the background and pastel colored text and call outs in the form of circles with a cash back offer of $50. It can be used as a flyer, poster or advertisement. The black & white photo shows a woman with a beautiful smile and beautiful white teeth. The text at the bottom is written in two different fonts, saying: love your smile. The call outs at the top of the template are two circles, the first and largest circle has a dollar amount in it, $50 and the second smaller circle the words cash back. Cash back offers are a great way to sell products or services at the full price but still give value to the customer by giving a cash back, which in most cases can be used towards a future purchase. This will also mean that the chance of a repeat purchase significantly increases. This template can be used by dentists, dental brands like toothpaste manufacturer and companies offering invisible aligners.
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