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Dental Promotion Template

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This eye-catching Teeth Whitening Take Home Kit promotion template can be used by dentists to promote their services. The text can easily be customized as can the colors and fonts. This template features an image of a woman relaxing in bed with a huge smile on her face. Blue is the dominant color in this template, complemented by the white of the pillows and the grey background. The right-hand corner of the template has an abstract shape with the price written in white and a bold font. The text box with the words 'Teeth Whitening Take Home Kits is placed in the bottom left-hand side of the template, in front of the woman's image. The template conveys a feeling of contentment and joy, and is a great marketing strategy to promote dental hygiene kits and services. You can easily change the colors and the fonts to reflect your branding and attract customers.
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