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Orthodontics Health Insurance Closeup Template

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This template is ideal for health insurers, who wish to advertise their health cover for orthodontics. It provides a friendly face for orthodontics cover and a closer look at the subject. The template features a young woman with braces, clearly having made use of her orthodontics cover. The text and colour around the text ensures that this is the primary focus of the viewer, and while the background image remains in greyscale, it is very clear. However, the background image is also impactful, whereby you can see the young woman's braces while she is mid-laughter, signifying the orthodontics association. This means the viewer will likely see the image first then the concise text, gaining the positives of both written and visual information. This template presents orthodontics and the associated health cover as a light topic, encouraged by the young woman's smile. It delivers the information in a really concise way and the overall message is clear.
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