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Flu Vaccine Booking Reminder Template

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It can often be difficult for people to remember to get their annual flu shots. So, why don't you help remind them with this simple yet effective Flu Vaccine Booking Reminder Template? In the background of this template is an image of an elderly couple. The man is kissing the woman on the cheek while both are standing on the beach. On the left hand side of the template is where further information of the reminder is contained. In this case, the information sits on a blue text box with an opacity setting and writes, "Appointment only". Underneath writes, "2020 flu vaccines now available" with a call to action as well as the telephone number beside it. All these details, the call to action, the colours, the background image and more can all be modified to suit you and your creative direction. So get designing, and once done, send this template around your community!
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