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Medical Checkup Promotional Template

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This horizontal template shows a cactus in a pot with orange flowers on top of it in front of a grey background. The cactus is cut off and to the side of the template, so the grey takes up most of the space of the template. In front of the background, there is large text telling recipients that there are skin cancer checks available, and urging them to book now with the telephone number beneath the text. This template would be perfect for clinics or hospitals that can provide skin cancer checks, or another other checkups. Feel free to edit the text to tell patients what services you have available and add your phone number so that people know where they can make bookings. This template would be perfect as billboards, posters or social media posts as well. Since it is simple, clear and straightforward, there is not too much to see and read, which makes it very accessible and understandable.
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