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Skin Checks Reminder Template

Illustration of a needle Medical
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At the bottom of this template, there is an image of a magnifying glass in front of an arm. The woman whose arm is being inspected is wearing a pink coloured T-shirt, which matches the light pink colour background of the image.

Above the picture, there is large, bolded text asking the recipient if their skin checks are up to date, with the words "skin checks" highlighted in green. Below this, there are three short sentences describing skin cancer and why regular skin checks are vital.

If you are a medical clinic, this template would be perfect for promoting your skin checks services. This would work great as a page in your pamphlet, as it is simple yet informative.

Use this template to remind your patients the dangers of skin cancer and why it is important to get regular skin checks. Edit this template now with Mandoe Media's template editor!
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