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Company Public Statement Announcement Template

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If you're trying to let more people know more about your business, its values and identity, why don't you try to do that with this Company Public Statement Announcement Template. The background of this template is bold and black but in the centre is a photo of two gloved-up hands shaking. A portion of this portrait template's rims is also outlined with a white outline, adding an extra bit of uniqueness to the whole template design. Overlaid the background photo and in the middle of the outlined portion of the template writes, "We take your health seriously" in emboldened, capitalised and large font. This text is also written in both white and blue, making the template more visually interesting. Make this template your own by replacing all the elements with details that accurately reflect your business, identity, and what you and your team stand for. Then, once you're done, be sure to send it around both online and offline!
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