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Sunblock Product Promotion Template

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This is a sunscreen gift voucher template that you can use for offering to your customers if you run a tanning salon or a summer apparel store. The bottom picture in the template features a young man taking a break on his surfboard out on the ocean in a front of a bright horizon. At the top of the template, there is important information regarding the importance of staying safe in the sun as well information about top brands being available at your store. You can even include the value of the gift voucher on the bottom right which is set at $15 at default. Use this template to think about what it is that your business offers that can be used for your customers to gift to their network. If you run a tanning salon, sunglasses, or summer clothing business, using this template for handing out gift vouchers to your customers is ideal for you. Attract more customers by presenting them with an eye-catching gift voucher that also presents the importance of the products and services they can purchase at your business!
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