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Cosmetic Injectables Services Template

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Cosmetic enhancements and injectables are hugely popular nowadays, especially with the stigma surrounding the service slowly fading away. And so, if your business offers these services, ride the wave and trend by making your services known with this Cosmetic Injectables Services Template! The entirety of this template is outlined with a thick blue line, and contained within is a photo on the left-hand side and service information on the right. The photo on the left-hand side features a photo of a woman's face receiving an injection. And, on the right, the marketing copy begins by writing, "Dermal fillers & Anti wrinkle injections" in capitalised, bold and dark blue font. Underneath outlines some of the services offered and the outcomes of those services. Make this template fit your injectables clinic by replacing the photo, colours and marketing copy so that it's in line with your creative vision. Then, once you're done, start sending it around to your friends and family!
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