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Cosmetic Surgery Consultation Offer Template

Illustration of a needle Medical
Plastic Surgery Digital Signage Templates Plastic Surgeon
This cosmetic surgery consultation offer template pictures the face of a young women with black markings on her face highlighting potential cosmetic surgical procedures that could be performed. On the right hand side of the photo is then says: plastic & cosmetic surgery - book a virtual consultation today. This template can be used as a DL flyer, poster or social media ad with as the objective for people to book in their virtual consultation. Making the consultation virtual, is often a good way to lower the barrier for people to enter, as many people will still feel nervous about going to see a plastic surgeon in person. If the template is used online, the call to action should be a website, with more information in the virtual consultation, what to expect, and the treatments that are available. Some plastic surgery options for someones face are: a facelift, a brow/forehead lift, an eyelid lift and nose reshaping.
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