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Building Friendly Reminder Template

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The Building Friendly Reminder Template features a minimal and stylish design that will grab the attention of passers-by and recipients. If you own or manage a building and would like to post reminders or announcements to the building tenants or occupants, it could be for you.

This template's vast majority displays a photo of a building's exterior taken from the ground with clear and sunny skies. The image looks aesthetically pleasing and conveys your message stylishly and delightfully.

Essential information, which every person involved would want to know, is written in a simple and clear font.

This template can be shared online via social media, email, or websites and offline via printed flyers and posters to be put up in common areas and high traffic locations to reach as many people as possible.

With a slight tweak of the image, colours, and text, companies and organisations that frequently have reminders or announcements can also use this template.
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