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Stylish Corporate Promotional Template

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A stylish corporate promotional template, perfect for invitations and promotions of corporate events, Christmas parties, product launches and networking events. The template shows a casual setting, in a beautiful natural environment with wooden lounges spread out across a grass field. People will picture themselves with a glass of wine or bubbles, enjoying a few canapes while mingling and networking. This template can be used by event promotors, enterprises, SME's and non-for-profits to invite clients, prospects, employees and other stakeholders to an event. Corporate gifting is mentioned on the template as it is often part of these events. A little gift is given to all attendees so they have something small that will remind them of the event they attended, and as such will create goodwill and a sense of belonging towards the company, organisation or person who invited them. In the bottom left hand corner, the call to action is: Ask us for more information and this can direct people to a website, landing page or request to send an email, so all information on the different packages can be provided and contact details can be captured.
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