About Us

About Us

Making it easier for businesses across the world to grow using digital signage

Our Story

In 2010, Mandoe founder Steve Baxter was working in the hospitality industry.

His employer had recently installed digital signage at the venue, and he was amazed by the increase in patrons coming through the door.

Years later, when Steve started his own hospitality business he wanted to get some digital signage, but was shocked at how expensive and difficult it was.

Seeing an opportunity, he worked with a friend to design some simple digital signage software that he could use with a standard TV to create and manage digital signage.

Fast forward a few years, Mandoe has helped thousands of businesses grow using the power of digital signage

Our Team

We're a lean team that works remotely across the globe, relying on collaboration tools like Slack, Google Docs and more to do great work.

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Life at Mandoe

Want to know what it's like working at Mandoe? Here are some of the fundamentals

Life at Mandoe