Best rooftop bars in the world

Is there anything better than sipping your favorite drink with the spectacular backdrop of a panoramic city view?

Good friends, delicious drinks and epic vibes are a must for any night out. Adding altitude and a twinkling city skyline takes the fun to a whole new level.

But choosing the best rooftop bar can be tricky and your reputation might be riding on it. Are you after the best view? Or is it more important to avoid bad service, over-priced drinks and big crowds?

Whether planning your next night out or dreaming up a global bar hop, you’ll find inspiration in our list of the world’s best rooftop bars. Let’s check them out.

How we chose the best rooftop bars

To make our lists, these rooftop bars needed more than cold drinks and nice views.

Instead of a global bar crawl to decide the world’s top rooftop bars, we crawled the internet instead. Granted, it was a less fun way to go about it, but you can’t argue with the numbers.

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Here’s the cream of the crop.

The world’s very best rooftop bars

This lot are the best of the best.

They had the most ‘excellent’ reviews, best cost ratings and most social shares of any rooftop bar in the world.

  1. AkaAza Rooftop Bar

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AkaAza Rooftop Bar

PHOTO CREDIT: Amara Hotels

  1. The Rooftop at Serras

  • Location:

    6th floor of the Serras Hotel
  • View:

    Spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea
  • Vibe:

    Informal cocktail terrace that comes to life with DJs on weekends
  • Don’t miss:

    Traditional Catalan meals
  • Where?:

    Passeig de Colom, 9, 08002 Barcelona
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The Rooftop at Serras

PHOTO CREDIT: Serras Hotel

  1. Rooftop La Terraza

  • Location:

    7th floor of the Principal Madrid Hotel
  • View:

    Landmark buildings around central Madrid
  • Vibe:

    Stylish garden setting with olive trees and live music
  • Don’t miss:

    Cocktails by a renowned mixologist
  • Where?:

    Calle Marqués de Valdeiglesias 1, 28004 Madrid
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Excellent reviews
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Bottle of wine
Rooftop La Terraza

PHOTO CREDIT: Principal Madrid Hotel

Which cities have the best rooftop bars?

If you want to choose a holiday destination with the best rooftop bars, go to Bangkok or Barcelona (or both!).

It’s official. Bangkok and Barcelona have the most top-rated rooftop bars, with three bars each in our list of the world’s best 25 rooftop bars.

Rooftop bars with the best customer experience

If you want amazing service, these rooftop bars have the highest customer satisfaction in the world.

These rooftop bars had the highest percentage of ‘excellent’ reviews from customers.

  1. The Rooftop at Serras

After taking second place in the best rooftop bar category, the Rooftop at Serras has won the top spot for best customer experience. Customers said the staff were ‘friendly, accommodating, gracious, professional, and helpful’ – who could ask for more?

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Of customer ratings were ‘Excellent’
The Rooftop at Serras

PHOTO CREDIT: Serras Hotel

  1. Yao Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

  • Location:

    32nd and 33rd floor of the Marriot Hotel
  • View:

    360-degree views of the glittering Bangkok skyline
  • Vibe:

    Sophisticated and relaxing with modern Chinese food and decor
  • Don’t miss:

    Signature mocktails and cocktails
  • Where?:

    262 Surawong Road, Bangkok, 10500
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Yao Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

PHOTO CREDIT: Yao Rooftop Bar

  1. Gansevoort Rooftop

  • Location:

    14th floor of the Gansevoort Meatpacking Hotel
  • View:

    Magical views of the iconic Manhattan skyline and Hudson River
  • Vibe:

    Stylish, chic and modern yet relaxed
  • Don’t miss:

    Shareable bites and craft cocktails
  • Where?:

    18 9th Ave, New York, NY 10014
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Gansevoort Rooftop

PHOTO CREDIT: Gansevoort Rooftop

Most affordable rooftop bars in the world

If you’re on a budget, these cheap rooftop bars are just the ticket.

We compared average prices for a bottle of wine, and these rooftop bars had the most reasonable prices in the world.

  1. Hoptinger Bier Garden & Sausage House

  • Location:

    3rd floor rooftop bar
  • View:

    Bird’s eye view of the Five-Points District
  • Vibe:

    Modern American gastropub crossed with traditional Bavarian beer garden
  • Don’t miss:

    60 local beers on tap plus cocktails, burgers, hotdogs and foosball
  • Where?:

    1037 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204
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Average price for a bottle of wine
Hoptinger Bier Garden & Sausage House

PHOTO CREDIT: Hoptinger Bier Garden & Sausage House

  1. 1881 per SAGARDI

  • Location:

    On the 4th floor above the Museu d'Historia de Catalunya
  • View:

    Gorgeous views of the harbor and Barceloneta neighborhood
  • Vibe:

    Sun-drenched, sleek and modern with a DJ most nights
  • Don’t miss:

    Well-priced creative cocktails and traditional tapas
  • Where?:

    Pl.Pau de la Vila, 3, 08003 Barcelona
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Average price for a bottle of wine
1881 per SAGARDI


  1. La Isabela at Hotel 1898

  • Location:

    7th floor of Hotel 1898, located on the famous La Rambla
  • View:

    Magnificent 360-degree views of central Barcelona
  • Vibe:

    A calm oasis to escape the hustle and bustle of the city
  • Don’t miss:

    Top-class cocktails and tapas made from local ingredients from the Boquería marketplace
  • Where?:

    La Rambla, 109, 08002 Barcelona
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Average price for a bottle of wine
La Isabela at Hotel 1898

PHOTO CREDIT: La Isabela at Hotel 1898

Most Instagrammable rooftop bars in the world

Pics or it didn’t happen, right?

If you’re looking for the selfie of the century, these rooftop bars make a stunning backdrop. They also have the most social shares of any rooftop bar worldwide.

  1. 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar

  • Location:

    20th floor at 230 Fifth Avenue
  • View:

    The iconic Manhattan skyline and Empire State Building
  • Vibe:

    New York’s biggest rooftop garden, seating over 1,000 patrons
  • Don’t miss:

    The famous brunch buffet or a Bailey's Boozy Hot Chocolate
  • Where?:

    230 5th Avenue, New York City, New York, 10001
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230 Fifth Rooftop Bar

PHOTO CREDIT: 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar

  1. Coogee Pavilion Rooftop

  • Location:

    The iconic Australian beachside suburb of Coogee
  • View:

    Magical sea views from the wraparound balcony
  • Vibe:

    Hip, fun and relaxed with four separate bars to try
  • Don’t miss:

    Mediterranean menu, exotic cocktails and refreshing beers
  • Where?:

    169 Dolphin Street, Coogee, Sydney
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Coogee Pavilion Rooftop

PHOTO CREDIT: Coogee Pavilion

  1. Sky Bar Bangkok

  • Location:

    On the 63rd floor of Bangkok’s lebua at State Tower, at 250 meters high, it’s one of the highest bars in the world
  • View:

    The views of Bangkok are so breathtaking it’s featured in movies
  • Vibe:

    A busy bucket-list rooftop bar with an electric atmosphere
  • Don’t miss:

    Order Hangovertinis from the glowing circular bar while taking lots (and lots) of pics
  • Where?:

    Dome, 63rd Floor State Tower at The, 1055 Si Lom, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
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Sky Bar Bangkok

PHOTO CREDIT: Sky Bar Bangkok

Best ‘hidden gem’ rooftop bars

Want to find the world’s best-kept secrets?

These bars have high customer ratings, but they score low for social shares. Pity the secrets aren’t safe with us.

  1. Ellipse Rooftop Bar

  • Location:

    On the 12th floor of the Hyatt, a few blocks from the White House
  • View:

    Impressive panoramic views of the US capital
  • Vibe:

    Relaxing rooftop lounge with plush sofas and cozy firepits
  • Don’t miss:

    Signature cocktails, comfort food and attentive staff
  • Where?:

    1522 K St NW, Washington, DC 20005
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Excellent reviews
Ellipse Rooftop Bar

PHOTO CREDIT: Ellipse Rooftop Bar

  1. Beatnik Palma by Puro

  • Location:

    On the 5th floor of the Puro Hotel in Palma
  • View:

    Impressive panoramic views of the US capital
  • Vibe:

    Contemporary, vibrant and distinctive with comfy lounges and day beds plus live music or DJs each night
  • Don’t miss:

    Lobster tacos and chicken lollipops
  • Where?:

    Carrer de Montenegro, 10, 07012 Palma, Illes Balears
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Excellent reviews
Beatnik Palma by Puro

PHOTO CREDIT: Beatnik Palma

  1. Level 27

  • Location:

    On the 27th floor in the heart of Warsaw
  • View:

    Intoxicating city skyline views and unforgettable sunsets
  • Vibe:

    Stylish rooftop club with popular DJs and killer views
  • Don’t miss:

    Late-night parties in the sky
  • Where?:

    al. Jerozolimskie 123A, 02-017 Warsaw, Poland
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Excellent reviews
Level 27


Best rooftop bars in the UK

Is the UK a mecca for rooftop bars?

Rooftop bars are synonymous with warm weather and let’s face it, Britain isn’t exactly known for its sunshine. These bars have defied the odds (and the weather) to deliver a world-class experience and the UK’s best rooftop bars.

  1. 20 Stories

  • Location:

    On the 20th floor of No. 1 Spinningfields
  • View:

    The beautiful backdrop of Manchester’s skyline
  • Vibe:

    Cozy lounges under a canopy of trees with al fresco fireplaces
  • Don’t miss:

    Modern, locally-sourced British food and drinks
  • Where?:

    NO. 1, 1 Hardman Square, Manchester M3 3EB
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20 Stories

PHOTO CREDIT: 20 Stories

  1. Madison

  • Location:

    On the 6th floor of the One New Exchange in London
  • View:

    Up-close and personal with St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Vibe:

    Renowned as one of the top rooftop bars in London with its views, vibrant atmosphere, DJs and live music
  • Don’t miss:

    The eclectic New York inspired menu
  • Where?:

    Rooftop Terrace One, New Change, London EC4M 9AF
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  1. Roof East

  • Location:

    On the 7th and 8th floor of an old rooftop carpark
  • View:

    Great views over Stratford, but this bar is more about the activities
  • Vibe:

    Ultimate adult playground for grownups with an open-air cinema and games like mini-golf and lawn bowls
  • Don’t miss:

    Sip wine, craft beers, mocktails or cocktails, and indulge in global street food from their many food stalls
  • Where?:

    7 & 8 Stratford Multi Storey Car Park, Great Eastern Rd, London E15 1XE
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Excellent reviews
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Bottle of wine
Roof East


Ready to get a taste of the high life?

Let’s raise a glass to our winners for creating these top spots for sipping cocktails in the sky.

Now that you’ve experienced the best rooftop bars in the world from the comfort of your sofa, it’s time to take to the skies and experience them IRL. Enjoy!

The index

The complete list

Below is an interactive version of our index of the best Rooftop bars in the world. You can sort the data by each column, so you can see what had the most Instagram shares or which was the best value for money. You can also switch the currency and see the data in dollars, euros or pounds.

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1AkaAza Bar at Amara Bangkok HotelBangkok499486.67%28.30
2The Rooftop at SerrasBarcelona206193.50%23.17
3Terraza at The Principal MadridHotelMadrid199181.92%21.06
4La Isabela at Hotel 1898Barcelona570946.76%20.07
520 StoriesManchester581255.95%32.22
6The Tremont House Rooftop BarHouston220366.75%31.00
7Above ElevenBangkok1616466.69%43.02
9Hoptinger Bier Garden & Sausage HouseJacksonville499541.18%20.00
10Watsons Bay Boutique HotelSydney1134843.48%31.38
11UP, a rooftop loungeNashville65867.65%25.00
13Rustic RootSan Diego672246.97%34.00
14Roof EastLondon899837.21%27.00
15Naked in the SkyMelbourne378963.36%40.26
16The Pulitzer Terrace at Hotel PulitzerBarcelona166652.92%26.33
17Black Sheep RestaurantJacksonville130855.52%28.00
18Level 27Warsaw27382.53%24.68
19I|O Godfrey Rooftop LoungeChicago423075.63%48.00
20The St. Regis BarBangkok1612280.00%64.99
22Beatnik Palma by PuroPalma19386.39%25.38
2554thirty RooftopDenver373377.27%48.00
26Kettner ExchangeSan Diego735853.46%43.00
27Legal HarborsideBoston1013546.14%39.00
28The Rooftop Terrace at Hotel de RomeBerlin1006173.36%61.09
30Elevate Rooftop LoungeOrlando57177.78%32.00
31Gansevoort RooftopNew York590790.70%65.00
32Gusto 101Toronto808845.34%38.77
33Fasano Rooftop Pool LoungeRio de Janeiro956868.19%61.19
34Coogee PavilionSydney2397136.29%34.69
35Marini’s on 57Kuala Lumpur1201048.31%44.99
36Acme Feed & SeedNashville209146.83%30.00
37Cerise RooftopChicago219977.58%48.00
38Eagles Nest BrisbaneBrisbane59076.71%34.86
39Terrass'' Rooftop BarParis533534.84%29.21
401881 per SAGARDIBarcelona260934.72%20.01
42SkyLounge AmsterdamAmsterdam841249.05%46.29
43The GlenmoreSydney377538.66%29.98
44Capella on 9Asheville118552.83%32.00
45Yao Restaurant & Rooftop BarBangkok77890.83%42.11
46Red Sky BarGlasgow18369.44%27.95
47Franco’s BarAmalfi Coast550762.06%58.21
48CannonballSan Diego90759.82%35.00
49Upstairs at the GwenChicago207780.81%53.00
50Coq d’ArgentLondon694546.22%44.12
51Hotel AMANO Rooftop BarBerlin382643.47%36.86
52Fahrenheit CharlotteCharlotte798841.92%40.00
53Rooftop at QTMelbourne617440.86%37.98
54The Culpeper RooftopLondon278141.34%31.65
55Jin Bo Law SkybarLondon365662.05%53.60
56Broken ShakerLos Angeles1826942.19%45.00
58The Roof Garden at The Peninsula Beverly HillsLos Angeles116985.62%48.00
59KEE Sky LoungePhuket125360.84%41.04
60B&B Butchers & RestaurantHouston308857.91%52.00
61Rooftop BarMelbourne267529.41%22.31
62The Speakeasy Rooftop BarBangkok282163.98%56.60
63The Winery HotelStockholm893351.10%57.34
64230 Fifth Rooftop BarNew York3258349.44%58.00
65The Standard Rooftop BarLondon208173.11%54.70
66Mama Shelter's RooftopLos Angeles399252.72%48.00
67Ellipse Rooftop BarWashington DC5290.00%34.00
68Willows On The RoofLondon40272.00%36.75
69Refinery RooftopNew York1154852.43%60.00
71Merchant & TradeCharlotte233950.91%40.00
72Belmond Hotel CarusoAmalfi Coast444463.83%68.46
73Rules & RegsAustin241276.32%60.00
74Lustre Rooftop BarPhoenix114954.05%38.00
75Pure Sky Lounge & DiningDubai381357.71%59.90
76Westlight NYCNew York331256.68%56.00
78Crimson ViewWashington DC50448.61%26.00
79Market Street Bar at Hyatt CentricHouston10472.62%32.00
80Mater Terrae at Bio Hotel RaphaelRome61558.65%36.86
81Pescado Seafood Grill & Rooftop BarEmerald Coast130661.18%46.00
82Cielo Sky Bar & RestaurantBangkok403451.31%51.06
83Captain BaxterMelbourne91051.09%33.97
84Harvey Nichols Forth FloorEdinburgh116044.70%31.60
85Whiskey WarehouseCharlotte292631.11%30.00
86620 Jones BarSan Francisco271529.82%28.00
87Das LOFT Bar & LoungeVienna373645.34%42.13
88Dear Irving on HudsonNew York404763.16%76.00
89The Marker BarDublin32058.33%33.45
90The Pump HouseCharlotte82349.81%33.00
91Angel Rooftop at Hotel CalimalaFlorence45780.70%42.13
92Rooftop 25San Francisco206945.95%38.00
93Level 9 Rooftop BarSan Diego73557.83%40.00
94Bud & Alley's Waterfront Restaurant & BarEmerald Coast743036.11%42.00
95Soleil Pool BarBrisbane170735.94%29.29
96VUE RooftopWashington DC171685.71%70.00
98CÉ LA VI TaipeiTaipei432655.38%64.08
99Jack Rose Dining SaloonWashington DC103865.53%48.00
100Straight Up (BGC)Manila2551.00%21.25
101VU Rooftop BarChicago95162.86%48.00
102Entretanto Rooftop BarLisbon40141.99%23.70
103Settimo Roman Cuisine & TerraceRome138162.80%57.93
104Nuvole Rooftop TwentyTwoCharlotte91752.63%40.00
105Nice To Meet You at Dear Hotel MadridMadrid26742.80%21.06
106Upstairs at Ace HotelLos Angeles593840.98%50.00
107The Rooftop St. JamesLondon27677.21%42.13
108Spire 73Los Angeles427344.92%55.00
109High Rooftop Lounge at Hotel ErwinLos Angeles263946.63%48.00
110Sky on 20Bangkok106655.91%48.32
111Dolores But You Can Call Me LolitaMiami245941.55%42.00
112The Golden SheafSydney243621.69%31.38
113L.A. JacksonNashville54655.14%40.00
114L.P. Rooftop BarLos Angeles264254.10%63.00
115Z BarChicago132468.29%64.00
116Gallow GreenNew York1387041.02%60.00
117The Light BrigadeSydney121820.97%24.41
119Terrat at Mandarin Oriental BarcelonaBarcelona174952.32%52.66
120Royal Hotel PaddingtonSydney169725.00%29.51
121Le Perchoir MénilmontantParis27638.17%32.34
122LSQ RooftopLondon62655.44%44.98
123AIR SaigonHo Chi Minh62940.07%30.11
124Hemingway's Cuba Rooftop Restaurant & BarAsheville74546.60%38.00
125Republic Social HouseAtlanta105023.33%25.00
126Homestead On The RoofChicago62655.00%44.00
127Bridgeview HotelSydney93831.82%27.89
128Cloud 23Manchester223232.00%35.24
129El AlmaAustin12553.85%34.00
130La Dolce Vitae at Majestic HotelBarcelona80844.52%37.92
131From the RooftopPhoenix39337.50%24.00
132La ZeppaAuckland114034.48%31.38
133Strawberry Hills HotelSydney55732.22%22.31
134Palmz Rooftop BarMelbourne217727.91%34.61
136Haven Rooftop NYCNew York562335.28%48.00
137The J. ParkerChicago161255.43%60.00
138Orange Sky at Talking Stick ResortPhoenix4051.75%32.00
140Silk ClubLisbon19042.14%27.38
141Brick Rooftop Kitchen & BarAbu Dhabi3993.08%50.37
142Golden BeeLondon35843.80%32.53
144STATS BrewpubAtlanta33834.41%22.00
145Up & BelowAbu Dhabi72651.67%46.28
146Sky Bar BangkokBangkok1936440.08%110.28
148Loggia Roof Bar at Hotel Palazzo GuadagniFlorence39453.85%42.13
149Aqua SpiritLondon381820.98%41.07
150SkyBar 747Amsterdam50337.63%31.07
151Estrella RooftopAtlanta19955.56%42.00
152Brass MonkeyNew York133639.83%42.00
154Gypsy KitchenAtlanta79336.71%36.00
155Boundary RooftopLondon115336.53%39.17
156SkyBar EdinburghEdinburgh63023.00%27.96
157El ViajeroMadrid51719.32%23.17
158The Empire RooftopNew York627731.10%56.00
160The EmersonMelbourne135635.19%41.84
161Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & GrillBirmingham78731.07%32.73
163A.R.T. NoMad (Arlo Roof Top)New York31674.47%62.00
164Vista Sky Bar at Hotel Mediterraneo SorrentoAmalfi Coast44173.96%74.08
165Mr Purple NYCNew York444038.94%64.00
166Raised BarChicago104649.47%58.00
167Wolf’s LairMelbourne36933.33%31.24
168VERSA NYCNew York60251.43%54.00
169Arc at Blique by NobisStockholm20664.15%58.00
170Top of the GateWashington DC287942.72%115.00
171Terrazza Rossini at Hotel KraftFlorence15135.85%29.49
172Monarch Rooftop BarNew York380440.50%75.00
173Elsie RooftopNew York270642.11%75.00
174Cottontail Lounge at W ScottsdalePhoenix52850.00%52.00
175Sky Bar at Hotel Hostal CubaPalma65233.33%36.86
176Upstairs at the KimberlyNew York117845.45%60.00
177W Lounge at W AmsterdamAmsterdam40745.05%47.39
178Loopy Doopy Rooftop BarNew York284734.90%60.00
179Le HibouStockholm154342.86%64.26
180The Roof at SOCOToronto11242.14%38.77
181H St Country ClubWashington DC65417.65%35.00
182Belvue Rooftop BarMarbella30531.25%32.82
183The Tchin Tchin! BarHawaii16042.31%40.00
184Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & LoungeNew York583723.08%70.00
185Radio Rooftop LondonLondon146934.43%53.60
186The PilotToronto3522.43%27.27
187The Rooftop at the Graham GeorgetownWashington DC35752.86%60.00
189Bar Blondeau at Wythe HotelNew York7854.95%58.00
190Pier 6Boston50941.44%55.00
191[email protected]Boston105826.97%50.00
192The CrownNew York107136.36%64.00
193FABLE MelbourneMelbourne11333.33%41.84
194Goldilocks Rooftop BarMelbourne4527.27%38.35
195JIMMY SoHoNew York69239.80%95.00
196Social Drink & FoodNew York21735.00%48.00
197Terra at Eataly LALos Angeles24132.61%52.00
198Bookmarks Rooftop LoungeNew York32827.59%55.00
199Distil Rooftop BarBangkok21140.85%110.28
20012 StoriesWashington DC55225.00%64.00


Individual ranking data for each rooftop bar was taken from the following sources:

Customer Experience — data was based on the percentage of reviews that rated the establishment as ‘excellent’ on the Tripadvisor platform.

Wine Prices — the lowest price for a standard-sized bottle of wine was obtained from the website and menu of each rooftop bar.

Instagram Shares — data was obtained by analysing the number of hashtags mentioning the rooftop bar on Instagram. For each bar, the hashtag with the highest number of posts was used.

The website was used to compile the list of rooftop bars and all data for the index was collected in June 2022

Full data is available upon request.