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Now Hiring City View

Now Hiring City View Digital Signage Templates

This Now Hiring City View Template is perfect for your company if you're wanting to boost recruitment efforts for your team and organisation.

The vast majority of the template features a beautiful and striking city view in sunset colours married with shades of purple.

Overlaying the background image contains some text and graphic providing greater information about the company and the open position. On the top left of the template writes, "Join Us." in very large, white and emboldened font.

Underneath this text is a rectangular and black graphic with white writing contrasted on the top. The text writes, "We are looking for a Marketing and Sales Executive." With a call to action beneath as well as a date of when the vacancy is closing.

Replace all these details with information that applies to your organisation and the position you currently or will soon have open and distribute it online and offline to get applicants lining up ASAP!

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