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Gym Class Discount Promotional

Gym Class Discount Promotional Digital Signage Templates

This gym class discount promotional template is what your gym business needs if you're looking to fill out some empty spots in your classes!

This template is both effective as well as aesthetically pleasing, and is bound to generate some interest and convert some new students at your business!

On the right of this template writes the promotion, which in this case is "14 day body-weight program." Around this template includes other elements and details about the promotion and the business, such as an Instagram social icon and the account handle.

Of course, if you want to use this template for your own gym business, you can substitute all these details with information relevant to you!

On the left hand side of the template features an athletic individual riding an exercise bike to give recipients and potential leads a glimpse as to what to expect in class!

Modify this template to suit you and your business and start sharing it online and offline now!

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