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Personal Trainer Fitness

Personal Trainer Fitness Digital Signage Templates

If you're a personal trainer and looking to attract new clients, this personal trainer fitness template is for you.

The background features an action shot of a woman skipping rope in a fitness studio containing a punching bag, fitness balls, a bench and more. The right hand side of the template features text, which allows you to outline your personal training offering.

The top line of the text writes "one-to-one," underneath it writes "personal training" and then it ends with the price, which in this case is "1 hour session for only $60."

Of course, the photo and the fitness class details can all be modified to suit you and your business. But, with this killer template, you have a strong starting point to get designing and generating some interest in your services in order to bring in clients!

Once completed, send this around your community and spread the word!

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