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Freshly Baked Goods Announcement Template

If your F&B business offers freshly baked goods to your customers and you are hoping to try and boost further awareness around these delicious, baked foods, then this fun Freshly Baked Goods Announcement Template is perfect for you!

On the right-hand side of this template is a light beige coloured background with some text overlaid on the top, which writes, “Freshly baked every morning.” Underneath this writes, “Using organic and local ingredients.” The left-hand side of this template includes a photo of some yummy looking and various flavoured doughnuts on a cooling tray. Scattered around these sections of the template are some abstract graphics, giving this whole template design a fun look and more character.

Make this template yours by replacing all the elements you don’t think currently work with you and your business. And, once you are done, send this template around online and offline so you can start boosting more revenue today!

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