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Senior’s Day Discounted Produce Template

If your supermarket offers promotions to the community’s elders on specific days of the week, then this Senior’s Day Discounted Produce Template may be exactly what you need in order to let the elderly community know!

This portrait template is largely divided into two sections. The top section is a deep, green turquoise colour with the text “Senior’s Day Save 5%” in white text in varying font styles. And on the bottom of the template features a photo showcasing a beautiful array of fresh produce, from carrots to tomatoes to grapes and more! Overlaid on this photo is text, which writes, “Every Wednesday.”

Let your creative nature take over and get designing! Once you’re done, stick this template around the windows and entrances of your shop and hand it to existing elderly customers so they can learn about it as well! With this, word of mouth is bound to spread across the senior community quickly

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