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Fresh Food

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Promotion no $

Spices Food Recipe Template

This spices food recipe template is what your business needs if you are selling spices! On the right of this template is a bold, dark green colour with white writing in various font sizes. In this particular case, it writes, “Checkout our tried & tested recipes,” followed by the business’s website and social media handle.

This, of course, can be replaced with any marketing copy you see fit, coupled with your own unique URL and social media account!

This template’s right is an image of spices, which features a range of spices on tablespoons in various positions. These parts of the template are divided with a fun, asymmetrical, thick, white border, giving this whole template more personality.

Replace this image with any picture you think fits your business and your product offering, print it out and share it with your community! Alternatively, you can send it around online!

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