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Half-Price Glasses and Sunglasses

Half-Price Glasses and Sunglasses Digital Signage Templates

If your business sells eyewear and accessories and is looking to promote an existing or upcoming template, then this Half-Price Glasses and Sunglasses Promotional Template is the perfect way to let your customer base know about it!

In the background of this landscape-oriented template features a pair of glasses with other desk items, such as a cup and pen beside it. The bottom left of the template writes, "up to 50% off glasses & sunglasses." The text here is written in varying backgrounds and text colours, creating an element of personality to the whole look of the template design.

Make this template yours by replacing the background photo, the marketing copy, the discount details and more! Once you're done, send it around to your community so you can boost glasses sales today! Alternatively, you can upload and post this onto your website and your social media accounts to reach a larger audience faster!

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