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Breakfast All-day Restaurant Menu Template

This Fun yet elegant Restaurant Menu Template emphasises the restaurant’s logo, main categories of food offerings, and enticing, high-quality images of meals and a beverage.

The template is divided into four columns. The leftmost side displays the business’s logo, and underneath it is an invitation to follow one of their social media accounts. At the bottom part of this section is a list of the shop’s available sides. The heading is highlighted with a strip of blue to make it stand out.

The middle two columns feature two sections: all-day breakfast meals and desserts. Both headings are also highlighted with a strip of blue to make it pop.

The text is easy to read and understand, as the sectioning is organised and clear.

The rightmost part showcases three mouth-watering meals and beverages and highlights the shop’s bestsellers.

Fill in the text with your restaurant’s offering and get creative with the images, colours, logos, and fonts. Once you are satisfied, you are now ready to share it online and offline.

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