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Budget Meal Promotional Template

Budget Meal Promotion Template features an image of a scrumptious sandwich in the background – complete with egg yolk dripping and all. You can use this special mouth-watering template to promote an extraordinary meal in your restaurant.

Are you agonizing about creating or designing a poster to promote a special meal in your restaurant? Give your diners a glimpse of your mind-blowingly tasty food and watch your marketing efforts pay off.

This special budget meal template features a neutral coloured text design to make them stand out from the colourful and inviting image of your food. Important information on the bottom is highlighted with a crisp white background to make it easy to understand and read.

This budget meal promotional template is just what your business needs to put a special item in your menu in the spotlight.

Easily edit this template to match your business’s aesthetic and needs in a few steps. This simple yet impressive design will take little effort and time to edit images, colours, text, and more.

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