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Rolls Salad and Baguette Bar Menu Template

Rolls Salad and Baguette Bar Menu Template features an attention-grabbing design that’s informational and stylish at the same time. If you need a new menu design to match your restaurant’s aesthetic, this might do it.

This template incorporates all the essential elements in a professionally designed menu. It is divided into three sections: the logo, item list, and a colourful, inviting food image.

The template’s overall colour scheme is cool to the eye, refreshing, and healthy. The restaurant’s logo is situated in the upper left part and written in lovely cursive handwriting.

The items list is grouped into four sections with headings written in all caps and separated from the items with an underline. Add-ons are made to pop out using a relatively bigger font.

Let this template be truly yours by editing and customising every bit of detail. Change the colour scheme, background, text, layout, and image to match your business’s branding.

All you have to do is download the template and get to editing. Once done, you can now share it online and offline!

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