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Cocktail Recipes Introduction And Feature Template

If your business offers delicious cocktail recipes to your audience and follower base, use this Cocktail Recipes Introduction And Feature Template to make it known to existing and new followers!

The background of this portrait-oriented template features a row, which showcases a variety of different drinks in different types of glasses. On the bottom right of this template is an orange text box, which writes “Check out our cocktail recipes,” a call to action and social media handle underneath. The text is in white, with varying fonts and sizes.

Make this template work for your business and brand by replacing anything you think looks and feels incongruent to your existing identity. It could be the colours, the background photo or the marketing copy ‚ whatever it is, all can be modified to your liking!

Once you’re done writing and designing, it’s time to get sending so that you can expand your audience pool!

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