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Supermarket Cheese and Wine Promotion Template

This Supermarket Cheese and Wine Promotion Template is perfect for your supermarket business if you’re trying to showcase some of the cheeses and wines you stock!

While simple, this template does an effective and beautiful job at conveying everything that a template reader would want to know in order to become a potential customer at your supermarket.

The top of the template features marketing copy on a left alignment. It writes, “Cheese Selections” in red writing and yellow text background. Underneath contains more information about the promotion.

At the bottom of the template features an image of wine, some cheese and bread and a wine glass.

Between the top and bottom section of the template is a circular graphic dividing the two sections, which writes, “Save 20%”.

All of these elements, the image, the text, the colours, and more, can be modified to suit you, your business as well as your upcoming or current promotion.

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