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Authentic Italian Restaurant

Authentic Italian Restaurant Digital Signage Templates

If you have an Italian restaurant and want to fill more seats and generate more business, this Authentic Italian Restaurant Introduction Template is for you!

This portrait-oriented template is divided into two sections, with the top half of the template taking up most of the design. It includes a fun photo of a linguini pasta surrounded by some vegetables, garnishes and herbs that have been used to make the dish. And, at the very top of the template includes a heading that writes, "Authentic Italian Flavours."The bottom half of this template includes an orange text box. Within, contains information about the operating hours of the restaurant as well as text letting the template recipient know that dine-in, take away, and delivery are all available.

At the very bottom of the template includes the domain and a social media handle. Make this template your own by letting your creativity take reign and once you're done designing, send it around your community!

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