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Italian Restaurant Advertisement

Italian Restaurant Advertisement Digital Signage Templates

This template is perfect for any venue or restaurant which serves Italian food, particularly speciality Italian restaurants. The template offers a nice tagline, a pleasing image of Italian food and links to socials, along with opening hours.

The colouring in the template is simple but pleasant, with a dark green solid right half, upon which the text messaging sits. The image of a bowl of pasta is pleasantly arranged, with vegetables and garnishes spread around, showing that the establishment using this template serves high quality food!

The messaging on the template is simple but clear, with a large font title, featuring a bouncy hand-written font. The use of the word 'authentic' will entice customers, along with the image (which provides visual evidence for that claim.

The clear messaging, the image, opening hours and social media links provide transparency and an overall attractive advertising opportunity for any business which wants to advertise its Italian cuisine.

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