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Mexican Food Discount

Mexican Food Discount Digital Signage Templates

This template is perfect for any restaurant or vendor which serves delicious Mexican food and wishes to advertise a discount on this type of cuisine. It's also perfect for advertising that Mexican is new to the menu, no doubt an exciting addition.

The colouring in the template is bright and vibrant, with the messaging highlighted by splashes of red. The template is almost entirely dominated by the image of Mexican food, with a plenty of colours, including a bright drink. This particular colouring will really grab your audience and ensure that their attention doesn't waver! It will also stand out from other signage.

This template features a simple white font that fits the Mexican vibes and an easy-to-read message - new to the menu, and 15% off all Mexican food!

It will ensure your customers know exactly what's on offer, and they'll be sure to take advantage. This template is easily editable, meaning you can tailor it to suit your needs.

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