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New Recipe

New Recipe Digital Signage Templates

New Recipe Promotional Template features an eye-catching, fun and informative design. If you need content for your business's newest product or promo deal, this template might just be for you.

This template's main attention-grabbing feature is the delicious-looking image of pasta plates. Text is coloured and highlighted in fun hues to make them pop out and complement the pasta's colours at the same time.

The header that says 'new pasta recipe' might be the final push for your customers to try your newly tasting meal.

If you run a restaurant, bakery or any product-based business, why not promote your offering with this inviting and easy to read template. Mandoe Media also offers thousands of professionally designed templates and easy to edit.

Simply download this template, then edit the image, text, colours, and layout. Once you are satisfied, you can now share it online or print copies to be distributed physically.

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