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Peking Duck Specials Template

If your F&B business offers delicious and succulent Peking duck to your customers, then make it known to all with this classic Peking Duck Specials Template!

The top of this landscape-oriented template features a light grey background with half a plate of Peking duck on the top edge of the design. Overlaid on the background is a strong red graphic, which writes, “Peking duck specials” in white writing. At the bottom of the template features the different Peking duck options available to patrons, as well as the respective prices of each option.

This beautiful template is bound to increase Peking duck specials. So, get designing and editing, and once you’re done, send it to your existing customers so that you can start generating word of mouth. And, once you’ve done that, post this template online on your business platforms to try and maximise promotion awareness and increase sales revenue today!

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