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Waffles & Breakfast Foods

Waffles & Breakfast Foods Digital Signage Templates

This elegant and wide template emphasises the background image and centre text to highlight the product/service being offered. The centred text features a white box with text of varying fonts and sizes to relay different aspects of the promotion and immediately grab the recipient's attention. The large text in the middle of the white box has a 'comic like font' to showcase the primary offering, and the unique style will make it the first thing your customers will see in this template.

Promote your company's offerings and showcase your creative skills by using this customisable and editable template! First, fill in the details of your offering and get creative with the fonts, colours, shapes, background images and illustrations. Then, promote your product/service offering with this template and see your business do better than ever!

Edit this template however you need to and, once you're done, distribute it offline, online, or both!

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