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Friday Menu Item Special Template

Friday Menu Item Special Template features a minimalistic yet stylish design that puts the scrumptious food in the spotlight to capture your customer’s attention. This template is perfect if you own a restaurant, cafe or any product-based company, and you may be running a promo currently or are planning to.

The Friday Menu Item Special Template is sectioned into three main parts: the header ‘Friday Special,’ the eye-catching image, and promo details on the bottom part.

The contrast in the text colours makes each significant piece of information pop and elevates its attention-grabbing factor.

As with our other templates, this template can be fully customisable and editable. Change the image, text, colours and further details to make your own.

Once you are done, you can now share it on every platform online and print copies to use as flyers, posters, and advertisements. Download Friday Menu Item Special Template now, and get to editing, sharing, and converting interest into sales.

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