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Restaurant Daily Special

This restaurant daily special template features a background image of a well-seasoned steak with sauce covering the slab of meat. The top of the template has text that explains the special of the day with the default text saying “Thursday Steak Special.” The right side has a small circle where the price of the special can be located.

Get creative about which image you use to try and capture the attention of your customers and potential customers with the fewest amount of words to ensure that maximum weight is placed on every word you choose to highlight your business offering. Adjust the text, images and other details on this template as you need and highlight the important information regarding your business.

Edit this template and design it however you choose. Once you’re done, share this online or offline ‚ the choice is yours! Using this template will allow you to design and market your new products in a way that will for sure appeal to your customers.

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