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Seniors Lunch Promotion For Seasonal Menu

If your restaurant is looking to offer special prices to the elderly communities and want to promote it, then use this Seniors Lunch Promotion For Seasonal Menu to do it!

The vibrant and colourful landscape-oriented template is simple but effective. The background photo of the template features an up close and personal photo of a dish. On the top right of the template, writes, “Seniors Lunch only $20pp” in white writing on an orange text background. On the bottom writes, “Special seasonal menu.”

As elderly people are relatively less active in the digital world, consider printing this template out and handing it out at the spots and locations where you know elderly communities frequent. Or, you can partner with businesses that you know serve the elderly communities in your area and ask them to hand this template out for you! With this template from Mandoe, you’re bound to start filling out those seats!

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