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Promotion with $ / %

Dental Service Promotion Template

This eye-catching template featuring a woman with a wide and bright smile is perfect to promote dental services.

The image of the woman, with a muted grey background, is featured in the right-hand side of the template.

The rest of the template has a white background with the words ‘Professional Teeth Whitening written in a dark blue color, followed by ‘Only $595*’ on the next line.

Two abstract circles in the bottom left of the template add an element of design and a thick grey border in the bottom-left adds a sense of balance to the template.

The text contained within the border and elsewhere in the template can be customized with a few simple clicks, as can the color.

You can add in your name, contact details, website url, etc. to the template.

Share this with your existing customers or attract new ones by sharing the template on social media, via emails or print out flyers.

The possibilities are endless!

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