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Cosmetic Injections and Enhancements Template

If you run a cosmetic enhancement clinic and are looking to showcase your services to existing and new customers, then this Cosmetic Injections and Enhancements Template is precisely what you need.

Although the design is simple, it does a very effective job at presenting your offerings to template recipients. For example, the top half of this template writes, “Cosmetic injections” in capitalised and black writing. And underneath this heading contains a call to action, which writes, “Book your consultation today.”

At the bottom of this template features a striking-looking woman with her finger on her face, almost pointing and highlighting some of her facial features.

Make this template your own by replacing the call to action or the model on the bottom of the template. You can also replace the colours displayed in the design. Once you’re done, send this template around online and offline, so you can start generating more clients and revenue today!

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