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Skincare Products Multiple Day Sale Announcement Template

If your skincare business is looking to run or is already running a promotion on your skincare products, then this Skincare Products Multiple Day Sale Announcement Template is precisely what you need in order to generate awareness and hype around the promotion!

The majority of this template features an up close and personal photo of a skincare product with an index finger holding another skincare product on the bottom left of the template. Overlaid on the template is some information about the promotion. On the top of the template says to take an additional 10% off the products. The bottom left of the template contains a purple circular graphic, which writes, “3 day frenzy.”

Make this template yours by replacing all the editable elements, such as the background, feature photo. And, once you are done, print this template and hand it around to your community. Or reach a wider audience faster by posting it online!

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