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Puppy School Promotion Template

This ‘oh-so-cute’ template design features a little pupper with the dreamiest eyes ever!

The image of the cute little doggo makes up three quarters of the template image, making it perfect for Puppy Schools or Dog Trainers to promote their business.

The bottom of this horizontal template has an olive green background that complements the fawn color of the puppy.

The words ‘Puppy School’ are written in white on the green background with the word ‘Puppy’ highlighted in black.

At the very bottom of the template is small-sized text box that says ‘Ask our staff about the best plan for you’. You can easily change this to any caption or instruction you like.

It’s really hard to ignore a cute puppy picture, so you’ll be sure to get many enquiries about your Puppy School.

What are you waiting for? Download this template and get sharing!

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