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Elevator Cleaning Announcement Template

If you own or manage buildings that contain elevators and want to assure building visitors and occupants that it’s regularly cleaned, then this Elevator Cleaning Announcement Template is perfect for you. This is especially amid the global pandemic, which has just made people much more wary and concerned about the hygiene and cleanliness of pubic spaces and areas.

The background of this portrait-oriented template includes a photo of someone squeezing soap into their hand against a simple, light grey backdrop. The template is then signed off with subtle text at the bottom left that writes, “Your strata.” The top left of the template writes, “This elevator is cleaned regularly,” and underneath asks people to continue maintaining personal hygiene.

Make this template work for your company by replacing any elements you don’t think currently work for you. And, once you’re done, print this template out and stick it around elevators for people to see!

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