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Selected Titles Discount Sale Template

Pique bookworms’ interest with this book sale template design. If you run a bookstore, self-care company or any book-related business, this template could work for you.

The Selected Titles Discount Sale Template features a stylish look and laidback aura. The image of a book placed on a bed will draw the attention of bookworms and self-care enthusiasts.

Essential information about the promo is placed at the top part and are highlighted by a white background to make it easier to read and pop out. Design elements such as dots, lines, and circles elevate the template’s overall design.

Customise this template to reflect your company and promo better by replacing any features such as the image, texts, and colours.

Once done, you can share it online via social media, email, websites or print copies to be displayed and distributed in your shop. This will help widen audience reach and maximise sales conversion.

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