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Winter Book Sale Discount Template

If you have a book business and you’re looking to further boost sales and leads with a promotion on a select few books this winter, then this Winter Book Sale Discount Template is precisely what you need.

While simple, this landscape-oriented template does a great job conveying everything you need. The top right-hand side of this template writes, “Winter Book Sale,” with another line underneath specifying “Up to 70% off” with the dates that this promotion is running on the third line. All the writing here is displayed in varying fonts, sizes, and colours, creating a fun look and feel for this template.

On the left-hand side of this template contains an image of a hand opening up a book with the words “Sale” in red and white writing on the corners of the photo.

Make this template your own by replacing any elements that you think don’t fit your business. And, once you’re done, send this template around!

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