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Woman's Toiletry Competition

Woman's Toiletry Competition Digital Signage Templates

The top half of this vertical template shows an image of women's toiletries and electronics products, and at the bottom half, there is text saying "new silktouch" with a space to insert other texts below that. There is another small "winner" sign on the right, implying that this set of toiletries and electric products were the winner of the home electrical awards 2020.

This template is great to advertise your company's toiletries and electronic products. They don't have to be specific to females. You can most definitely edit the template to add pictures of your own products, whether they are for men or women, and adjust the text at the bottom to give customers an idea of what the products are and what they can do. If your products are award winning, be sure to include the winner sign and tell customers what the products are great for, as this adds credibility to the products.

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