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Office Supplies Flash Sale Template

This simple Office Supplies Flash Sale Template is exactly what your office supplies business needs if you’re wanting to publicise some of your supplies for an upcoming or current promotion.

On the left hand side of the template is a text box and within contains an image of some office supplies alongside a laptop. Underneath it writes, “work essentials flash sale.”

On the right hand side of the template is some marketing copy and in this case it writes, “up to 50% off”. Underneath outlines some of the products the promotion applies to.
In this case, it’s “Stationary, tech accessories, Water bottles, Lunch bags”.

Make this template your own and unique to your business by modifying the template elements, such as the image, the font, the marketing copy, the colours and more!

Once your done, send this template around online and offline in order to start generating more sales today!

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