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Outdoor Furniture Promo Template

This outdoor furniture promo template pictures a small gathering of women having a good time while sitting around a wooden table with candles, some green decorations, a French baguette and a few bottles of wine. They are toasting with their glasses of wine and everyone is smiling. In the background there is a hammock and some large trees. The template is in a vertical position, with the photo across the entire template and over the photo white text in a large font saying: Outdoor picks, for the perfect summer barbecue. Entertaining people in your backyard is fun and relaxing and a nice outdoor dining set is an essential part of it. This template can be used as a DL flyer, poster or social media ad and is a great way of convincing people to invest in outdoor furniture. Call to action of this template should be the store website with an overview of all the available options and settings, alternatively a landing page with the store details, and opening times.

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