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Make-Up and Skin Care Promotional Template

A colourful and vibrant template to promote offers on make-up, skin care and accessories.

The focal point of this trendy template is a collage of 3 images featuring make-up products.

The first image from the left is of an eyeshadow palette in muted earth colours.

The second image features 3 pots of colourful eye shadow and a few application brushes. The shimmery background of this images makes the template ‘pop’.

The third image features assorted make-up products popping out from a make-up carry-case. The background for this image is again muted like the first image, creating a beautiful balance of colours.

To the right of this collage is a text box in a pastel colour. The text features a bold black heart shape which lends a cute characteristic to the template.

You can customize the text, font and background to create a stunning promotional image to send your customers or embed in your website.

In this template the text includes a header with a 25% off offer and another block of text at the bottom stating the product on offer and the end date for the promotion.

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