IDS Premium Box

Connecting the IDS media player is simple

Follow these simple steps to connect the Instant Digital Signage media player to your screen and internet.


What's in the box?

Street Taste quote 2 mobile
remote control
power and HDMI cable
power adapters
connect power

Step 1

Connect the power


Connect the power adapter to the media player.

Step 2

Connect the screen

Connect the HDMI cable to the screen and Media Player

connect HDMI

step 3

Connect to the Internet

There are two options for connecting the media player to the internet. You can either connect to your Wi-Fi network or using an ethernet cable.

wifi Wi-Fi

Using the provided remote*, follow the instructions on the display to connect to your local Wi-Fi network.

*Remote requires 2x AAA batteries, which are not included.

connect WIFI

Ethernet Ethernet

Connect your media player to your Internet modem/router.

* Ethernet cable not included.

connect ethernet
connect screen
step 4

Connect the screen

Open a Google Chrome browser and go to

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