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Fitness Challenge Announcement

Fitness Challenge Announcement Digital Signage Templates

Everyone enjoys a challenge, especially one that makes you push your limits both physically and mentally, such as a fitness challenge! So, if you have an upcoming fitness challenge, why don't you use this Fitness Challenge Announcement Template to let your existing and potential members learn about it!

The background image of this template features a woman mid-workout, in an athletic outfit, jumping onto a block. The left-hand side of this template is a bright yellow graphic that writes, "New 5 week challenge starting today." This graphic matches the colour of the woman's workout jacket, making the whole look of the template look visually unified.

Have this template accurately represent your business, its identity and the upcoming fitness challenge you're running by editing elements, such as the marketing copy and colours. And, once you're done, share this with your friends and family so you can start filling up spots in the fitness challenge today!

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