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Kettlebell Fitness

Kettlebell Fitness Digital Signage Templates

On the left of the template, there is a fit, lean woman doing a kettlebell workout. There is text in white and yellow on the right stating personal training is available for total body workouts. The Facebook and Instagram logos and usernames are included as well. This template has a greyish-blue background, giving off a cool, intense tone, ideal for gym membership promo templates!

Recipients will feel motivated to exercise and get fit when they see this promo post because of how the athlete looks and the cool colour palette. This template is perfect for a poster, social media post or a sign on the entrance of the gym as it inspires recipients to get moving. Along with the informational text on the side, it can capture recipients' attention to drive them to visit your social media pages. Of course, you are more than welcome to edit the text to fit your gym's offerings!

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